What is tantric massage?

Among all the categories of massage that exist, there is one that blends sexuality and spirituality. It is a practice of sacred sexuality that guides partners into a powerful sexual experience. So what is there to know about tantric massage? 

What is tantric massage? 

Tantric massage is a category of massage that awakens the senses and awakens new sensations that are often unexplored. Indeed, it consists of a sensual and passionate exchange between the sexual partners and is strictly practiced in an intimate setting due to its assumed sexual nature. Tantric massage is practiced naked and with massage oil. It has neither technique nor movements as such, because it is a type of massage that is felt more in its intention and in the erotic intensity of the gestures that accompany it. 

The course of the tantric massage 

The Tantric massage does not require precise movements. Indeed, it is part of a way of thinking that leaves room for freedom or imagination in the movements and does not impose massage practices. However, some parameters must be respected. For example, the whole body and not just the back must be stimulated. Every part of the body must be touched by the massage and be seen primarily as an erogenous zone. Also, the better the movements are done, the better the exchange between the partners will be. Tantric massage is a massage that prepares sexual relations through tenderness and passion. 

The benefits of Tantric massage 

Tantric massage not only awakens the senses, but also channels sexual energy. It can allow a couple to strengthen their passion and the bond that unites them through the discovery of many other forms of bodily and carnal pleasure. Similarly, if you want to grow your relationship while experiencing new things in your sex life, Tantra is the best way. Finally, Tantra messages also have the virtue of relaxing and unwinding the entire body.