Making love: How to succeed in your first time?

First times are never easy. It is even more complicated when it comes to making love. We are often torn between the desire to do well and the fear of not being up to it. But what to do? How to succeed in your first time? 

Avoid unnecessary pressure 

It's true that it's your first time to be naked in bed with a partner, but that's no reason to stress yourself out. Get rid of any fears and just be yourself. 

Take charge and go step by step. Don't be in a hurry and don't rush into anything. After all, sex play is not a race against time and you are not competing with anyone. You are doing it for your pleasure and for your partner's. And for that, don't go straight to penetration. Instead, prioritize foreplay. 

Foreplay is very important because it allows you to get each other excited. It also promotes lubrication in the woman. So take your time and kiss your partner. Use your tongue and fingers and stimulate her erogenous zones. Focus on your partner's pleasure and be ready to satisfy her every desire. 

For a start, opt for simple sexual positions 

For your first time, don't try to replicate every position in the Kamasutra. Opt for simple positions that will allow you to get the most pleasure from your partner. The missionary position is ideal for a first time for example. It is also important to know that the sexual act is not pornography. 

During penetration, do not be abrupt. To maximize pleasure, do not maintain the same risk of penetration from beginning to end. Instead, vary the pace. For example, start with a slower pace and then alternate with a faster pace. Take breaks from time to time to delay the pleasure and make the game last. Finally, don't forget to protect yourself for the first time.