Causes of decreased sexual desire in women

 Sexual desire is a natural urge that arises in humans. However, it happens that it decreases in some people, including women? What are the causes of such a situation in women?


This is a cause that comes up very often like the chorus of a song. Stress justifies most cases of a drop in libido among women. It upsets the personal balance of the woman. The psychology of the latter is anything but at its best. However, sexual desire needs a psychology free of any obstacle for its full development and its real blooming. Stress mainly disturbs sexual arousal through the process of modification. The aim of such a disturbance is to be able to erase the sexual vigor from the female instinct. Hence the effective loss of libido.


It refers to the state of a person facing a weakness in energy. This lack of energy is often coupled with an unexplained desire to sleep. Fatigue is a daily problem for women who have recently given birth. This impacts on their libido. The impact is compounded by the fact that the woman who has recently given birth must deal with the routine of motherhood. Between the obligation to calm down the whining baby in the middle of the night, to breastfeed him, to entertain him, the fatigue has obviously the free field to eject the sexual pleasure of its chair. The situation is especially complicated for mothers of twins.

Pain during sex

Sex is not all sweetness and light. It is also sometimes characterized by pain. For example, some women have a phobia when their partners want to penetrate them. These characteristics of vaginismus force these women to stop wanting to have sex. The pain before, after and even during sexual intercourse is another poison to the libidinal dynamism. Dyspareunia, as it is scientifically called, causes women who suffer from it to ignore all sexual entertainment. This ignorance kills the female libido, because the muscle that does not develop atrophies.