The most common sexual accidents

Even though having sex is a moment of indescribable pleasure, it can sometimes turn into a moment of extreme pain. Indeed, a sexual accident can happen. So what are the most common sexual accidents? 

Penis fracture 

It is true that the penis has no bones, but the term "penis fracture" is generally used to refer to the tearing of the rigid envelope that surrounds the penis. Extremely painful, the fracture of the male sex is an accident that usually occurs following false movements made during sexual relations or masturbation a little too "hard" as the English would say. When this unpleasant accident occurs, the penis turns blue and the testicles grow in size. As soon as this problem occurs, it is recommended to go to the emergency room, because an operation is needed to repair the tear and to remove the hematoma. 

Vaginal tear

If the vagina is not sufficiently lubricated during a game of foot in the air, it can suffer more or less significant cuts. So, to avoid this, there are not 1000 alternatives. In fact, you just need to lengthen the duration of foreplay or lubricate the vagina with a lubricating gel. This part of the woman's body usually heals quite quickly. However, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist to make sure that there is no infection or skin problem.

Getting stuck

This is the situation in which a couple gets stuck without being able to detach from each other. This situation is known to almost everyone and even has a name: penis captivus. If this sexual accident is frequent in our companions the dogs, it is not as much as one can imagine in the men. However, when it occurs, it is of very short duration and would be caused by an involuntary muscular hyper contraction probably due to stress. The only way to stop it is to de-stress or perform a rectal exam.