The causes of vaginal farts

Far from being a harmless phenomenon, vaginal farts are flatulence emitted when air comes out of the woman's genital tract. They can occur at any time and can seem a little embarrassing under certain conditions. What causes it?

The phenomenon behind vaginal flatulence

Farting in general is a sound made by an outflow of gas or air. This sound can come from several different orifices such as the anus. In fact, the gas that comes out of this orifice is the result of the fermentation of several intestinal bacteria. Vaginal farts follow the same principle. However, it is not gas that is expelled, but rather air. This is why this type of fart does not have an odor. 

On the other hand, smelly farts are an indication of a vaginal infection or fungus. The causes of this phenomenon can be diverse. They are the result of too much air accumulation in the vagina. Sexual intercourse with penetration is a fairly concrete example of a phenomenon that can cause air to enter the vagina. Regular exercise such as gymnastics can also cause farting. 

Measures to limit vaginal farts

Vaginal farting can be considered a completely normal phenomenon. There is no need to feel embarrassed when it happens. The morphology of the vagina is particularly involved in this phenomenon. The vaginas most prone to vaginal farting are those described as hypotonic with a muscular pelvic floor. Pelvic muscle exercises are recommended to reduce flatulence. They can be done at home alone or with an experienced physiotherapist. The most effective exercise to limit this phenomenon is the Kegel exercise. 

It is also important to mention that this phenomenon can increase following a pregnancy. During sexual intercourse, the sounds that are emitted should not be a problem at all. It is something that is completely normal and if one of the two partners does not know much about it, it should be discussed.