What are the various known categories of chastity cage ?

The chastity cage, an enigmatic intimate accessory, plays a significant role in the context of consensual sexuality. However, chastity cages are distinguished by the diversity of their designs and uses, going far beyond the materials used. There are many different types of cage, each offering a unique experience and specific benefits. In this article, explore the different categories of chastity cages so you can choose the model that best suits your criteria.

Standard cage

Standard chastity cages, the most widely used cages, are designed to completely enclose the penis. There are Metal Cages, Plastic Cages and a variety of other materials, each with its own special features. The main function of this design is to prevent any erection and block any direct contact. It's a preferred option, especially for novices looking to explore this world. It offers total control over sexual pleasure, making it an excellent starting point for those wishing to learn about male chastity. Standard chastity cages offer a taste of the sensations and discipline sought in more specialised versions of these accessories.

Traditional lock cage

The traditional lock chastity cage is an iconic device that uses a mechanical lock to secure the wearer's penis. This ensures that unauthorised sexual access is impossible. This classic variant is often made of metal, plastic or silicone, but its key element is the physical lock. It is renowned for its secure nature, requiring a key for release. The traditional locked chastity cage embodies the essence of domination and submission in BDSM play. It offers total control to the key holder, strengthening the bond between partners.

Electric cage

Electric chastity cages represent a surprising innovation, incorporating electronic components into the accessory. They allow the wearer to be stimulated or punished by means of electrical impulses. These innovative devices find a place of choice among fans of advanced BDSM practices. This type of cage offers unrivalled erotic control, and can even be unlocked remotely, increasing the possibilities for partners tenfold. This electrical technology pushes back the boundaries of chastity experiences. It opens the way to a world of unique sensations and sensual play at a new level of sophistication.

Flat cage

Flat chastity cages stand out for their discreet design, offering a less restrictive alternative to standard-shaped cages. Their slimmer, less imposing design makes it possible to maintain chastity while offering a certain level of comfort. These devices are distinguished by their ability to be worn discreetly under clothing. This makes them ideal for scenarios where discretion is required. The flat chastity cage is a popular option for those who want to reconcile the exploration of male chastity with everyday life. It offers a sensual experience while minimising sensations of restriction, allowing periods of abstinence to be extended in a more discreet context.

Spiked chastity cage

Spiked chastity cages incorporate fine internal spikes that create discomfort by impeding any attempt at erection. Their essential role is to reinforce sexual discipline, inducing an unpleasant experience when aroused. This device encourages the man to moderate his frequent ejaculations, which considerably increases the intensity of his future orgasms. This method of sexual control aims to sublimate pleasure by encouraging men to delay their orgasms in order to fully savour the delectation. These spiked cages are an instrument of sensuality and control, taking the art of male chastity to new heights.